Justyna Zander

Dr. Justyna Zander works on scaling and automating autonomous vehicles simulation and validation efforts at NVIDIA to enable a safe fleet deployment. Before she was with Intel, MathWorks, White House, German car industry, and Fraunhofer Institutes. She earned two BSc-s, MSc, and PhD in Germany, and did a postdoc at Harvard University.

Dr. Zander holds 3 citizenships (Polish, German, and American) and speaks 5 languages. Filed for ~30 patents, published 3 books and coauthored ~40 science publications, cited over ~2000 times, reviewed ~500 academic papers on model-based testing and embedded systems design.

Acknowledged internationally with countless awards (IEEE, European Union, NIST, SWE, SAE, Falling Walls, etc.). For over 20 years she has served as a technical committee member for more than 50 journals and conferences. Advises government strategy and research roadmaps; invited by NSF, EU Commission, national councils; member of multiple Steering Committees at various conferences.

She was listed on Business Insider’s annual list of the Most Powerful Women Engineers of 2018 and in 2017 she won SWE Leader Award as an international recognition for breakthrough work in computer science and engineering.